Bake your own stroopwafels with EasyStroopwafelBaking!

Bake your own stroopwafels with EasyStroopwafelBaking!
4 October, 2019

Always wanted to bake your own stroopwafels? This is your chance!

Easy Stroopwafel Baking

We have put together a package for you to bake stroopwafels yourself. This package includes a stroopwafel iron, flour and syrup. All products of the highest quality, so that you can make the tastiest stroopwafels! In this blog we explain how you can make stroopwafels!

What do you need:

1x stroopwafel iron (our stroopwafel iron is 220V, 800W)

1x stroopwafel mix

1x syrup for stroopwafels

1x (sharp) knife

  1. Add approximately 200 ml of water to a kilo of stroopwafel mix. Do you want fewer stroopwafels? Then use this 1: 5 ratio!
  2. Mix the dough well until you get a nice ball of dough.
  3. Roll small balls of dough
  4. Heat the iron to approximately 200-220 ° C
  5. Heat the syrup in a pan.
  6. Place these balls on the hot iron and bake for about 1 minute
  7. Remove the waffle from the iron
  8. Cut the hot waffle with a sharp knife and spread syrup between the 2 waffle halves
  9. Enjoy your meal!

TIP: Do you want to make nice shapes from your stroopwafels? Then use cutters in various shapes, such as hearts or stars!

Want to try it yourself? Order this complete set on our website!

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