Now available - Stroopwafelbeer

Now available - Stroopwafelbeer
3 August, 2021

Stroopwafelbeer made for stroopwafelgiftbox

A very special beer is now available on our website: stroopwafel beer. This special beer is brewed especially for us with a delicious stroopwafel taste, inspired by the real Gouda stroopwafel. At stroopwafelgiftbox we love special stroopwafel products. We have been offering special stroopwafel products for some time, such as special heart-shaped stroopwafels. This stroopwafel beer fits well in our line, it is certainly a unique product.

We have worked with various partners to offer this unique product. Together with, among others, we have started this unique stroopwafel project. And with success! The beer is delicious to drink chilled and a stroopwafel with it makes it complete. Perfect for a summer day, but this beer can also be drunk on a rainy day.

There are different packages available to try the stroopwafel beers. You can order individual bottles, but also in combination with a special Delft Blue package with different stroopwafels. This beer is perfect to drink yourself, but also to send to a (business) relation as a business gift. Due to its taste, it can be drunk all year round, making it a perfect, timeless gift.

In addition, this stroopwafel beer can also be perfectly combined with a delicious liqueur of stroopwafels. We offer you the opportunity to combine this beer with Van Meers stroopwafel liqueur. This unique liqueur (also from Dutch soil) is delicious as a separate shot or to drink with coffee. This is how you really create a unique Dutch drink.

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