Giftbox Maastricht

Giftbox Maastricht

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Giftbox Maastricht

This special giftbox is named after the city of Maastricht. A beautiful city in the South of the Netherlands, in the province of Limburg. It's located at a crossing in the river de Maas. Because of it's location next to a very important river, the city is already more than 2000 years old! That makes it one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands

Because the city is so old this box is filled with urban-themed products! We have included a few different typical Dutch houses (also in cookie form!) and even a small puzzle.

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Contents of Giftbox Maastricht:

1x Mini stroopwafels in cardbox with windmill theme + puzzle

1x Speculaas homes

1x Dairy butter cookie homes

1x Stroopwafels with dairy butter filling, Delftblue box (8 pieces/250 gram)

1x Stroopwafels with dairy butter filling (8 pieces/250 gram) Delftsblauw 1x Stroopwafel 1 pack with Delftblue package

1x Stroopwafels dairy butter filling (6 stroopwafels at 30 gram)

1x Tin House with Stroopwafels (2x 2-pack)

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